12 Modules: Mini Course on How to Create your Dream Business and Dream Life

I'm Runy Calmera, Dream Business Coach and trainer. 

My dream is that you realize your dream life by building a dream online home based business that works for you.

I just stopped to pick you up to drive with me to your dream life and dream business in my dream car. My life did not use to be like this. At the age of 7 my mother put an idea in my mind that I could change poverty into wealth and health. Today, years later I have realized most of my dreams by using thoughts, perseverance,  willpower, faith, imagination, gratitude and intuition.

If you want to realize your dream life by creating your dream online home based business, I have something great for you. I have created a Mini Course Creation Circle with an Action Work book to help you clarify your dream and work towards your dream in 12 modules. You can take them in 12 hours or 12 days. We drive to 12 stops and I tell you everything you need to know. You have your Action Work book with you that is like a map towards your dream. 

In this Mini Course you will learn: The 12 secret steps of the Creation Circle, so you know how to create whatever dream you want. How to use your imagination and your 5 senses to make your dream as clear as possible. How to take steps towards your dream so you see your dreams become reality. Hear inspiring thoughts that help you use your mind so you discover your greatest power. The key 12 questions every successful person needs to answer. How to be grateful so you stay focused creating your dream.

With 10 minutes per day of your time will get: Inspiring thoughts, a proven method that works, an environment where you can learn and a community of like-minded people, focus to reach your goals, keys to enter your dream life now.

Now, this is only for committed people. People who want to start using their minds to reach their dream life and dream business online. So if you are happy with your current life, emotions and you don't want to change and are not open for new thoughts, please do not take action. Do not step in the car. But if you feel inspired by these words, click the link below and put your name and email and subscribe and it will be a wonderful ride. 

You will get instant access and can download the Action Work Book Mini Creation Circle instantly. The car is waiting, are you ready to drive to your dream life? Get in below.

Runy Calmera

* This is a FREE service and no credit card is required.
Action Work book inside and short videos about the Entire Series inside!
Video #1: Desire
Video #2:  Imagine
Video #3: Believe
Video #4: Express
Video #5: Investigate
Video #6: Plan
Video #7: Decide
Video #8: Act
Video #9: Persevere
Video #10: Receive
Video #11: Gratitude
Video #12:  Relax
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